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New look, same great NRG

Since the introduction of the EnerGenius® NRG, SENS has made several subtle, mostly unnoticed product improvements. Soon we’ll be making more visible changes to both the NRG 10 and NRG 20. While the appearance will be changing, the NRG will remain the same ultra-dependable and capable product on which tens of thousands of installations rely.

Here’s what to expect. The color of the NRG is changing to a darker gray called mock rock. It’s the same durable powder coat finish that we’ve used for years on SENS EnerGenius IQ battery chargers and SENS Best Battery Selectors. We are also changing the forming process for the sheet metal parts, resulting in a slightly different appearance, most noticeable around the bezel area. Instead of using knockouts for conduit/wiring entry, we are changing to punched holes, ready for conduit fittings. The alarm/remote temperature cable hole is equipped with a plastic plug. Mounting points are exactly the same. The accompanying photo compares the new (left) and existing (right) appearance of the NRG 10.


While the exterior appearance changes, everything inside the NRG is exactly the same. Field replaceable parts are backwards and forwards compatible. “Old” board-tray assemblies can be installed in “new” sheet metal housings and vice-versa.

SENS is making these changes to standardize finishes and to control parts cost increases. We are moving to standardize the finish of our powder coated parts to the mock rock color. Mock rock has proven to be very durable and somewhat more scratch resistant than the finish currently used on the NRG. A new sheet metal forming process will help offset supplier price increases, enabling SENS to continue making the NRG an exceptional value.

Customers can expect to see the new version of the NRG 10 around the end of this year, and the new NRG 20 around the end of the first quarter of 2017.