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SENS Announces Compact Outdoor DC UPS

Rugged MicroCabTM 1500 features modular power, integrated network communications.

Longmont, CO – May 2, 2017.  SENS (Stored Energy Systems, LLC)  today announced a new modular outdoor DC power system ideally suited for industrial control, monitoring & data acquisition, and remote actuation applications.  MicroCab 1500 is a complete DC UPS including rectifier/chargers, battery, DC distribution, and integrated Modbus communications.  The modular charging system includes from one to three high reliability MicroGenius® 2 switchmode rectifiers, each delivering 15 amps output at either 12 or 24 volts. This modular power approach delivers cost effective power over a wide range of requirements.  For critical high availability applications, the same modularity provides for N+1 redundancy.

MicroCab Door Closed 250x144

The weatherproof MicroCab also features a battery expansion bay, enabling up to 300AH of battery capacity at 24V or 600AH at 12V.  SENS offers a range of battery options including high temperature batteries that deliver long life in hot environments.  Other options include low voltage disconnect, supplemental surge suppression, thermostatically-controlled battery heaters, insulation, and battery fans.  MicroCab 1500 can be configured as a free-standing cabinet or mounted on a wall or pole.

The MicroCab 1500 is available for order immediately.

See the MicroCab 1500 product page or contact SENS Sales for more information.