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SENS Director of Operations to speak at Syteline Symposium

Lean manufacturing is a cornerstone of SENS’ strategy.  It is critical to enabling SENS to ship the industry’s highest quality products with unrivaled on-time delivery performance.   Marc Osborne, SENS Director of Operations, will be describing how SENS does it at the Syteline Symposium in September.  Marc’s talk, entitled Lean Materials Management in a low-volume/high-mix SyteLine environment, will help attendees understand how Lean materials management can make the materials replenishment process faster and easier while achieving huge reductions in inventory levels.

SENS designs and builds a wide array of battery chargers and DC systems, shipping in volumes from the low hundreds per year to tens of thousands per year.  Some products have hundreds of variants.  Adding to the complexity is customer demand that can fluctuate wildly from week to week.  Yet, with all these factors in play, the SENS Lean manufacturing system enables the company to consistently build and ship products with faster lead times than competitors, industry-best quality, and nearly zero finished goods inventory.

Infor SyteLine is the ERP solution of choice for over 5,000 manufacturers around the world.  SENS has adapted the advanced capabilities of Syteline to deliver capabilities that are unique in the power electronics industry.  More information on the Syteline Symposium can be found at www.sytelinesymposium.com.