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SENS Announces Major Extension to MicroGenius 2 Line

MicroGenius S2 and S4 deliver even more power in less space

Las Vegas, Nevada – December 5, 2017.  At PowerGen 2017, SENS (Stored Energy Systems, LLC) of Longmont, CO unveiled a major expansion to its class-leading line of industrial switch-mode battery chargers. With versions engineered specifically for industrial reserve power, marine, and genset engine starting users, the rugged MicroGenius® S2 and S4 deliver more power in less space with the superb dependability that is characteristic of all SENS products.

Modular Architecture

The MicroGenius S2 and S4 feature a modular architecture that employs multiple MicroGenius 2 power modules, enabling the options of higher current output, internal redundancy or multiple outputs.  SENS modular chargers employ an architecture proven in both power electronics and computers to lower cost through economies of scale and increase reliability through the use of standard “building blocks”.  N+1 redundancy enables users to deploy ultra-reliable chargers, such as might be desired in remote locations.

Engineered-in Reliability

Like the MicroGenius 2, the new chargers are convection cooled, with no fans to ingest contaminants or wear out and cause premature failure.  Yet, unlike many competing units, they are able to deliver full rated current output to at least 400 C.  In addition to their ability to perform over a wide temperature range, SENS designed and tested the S2 and S4 to survive strong electrical transients and extremes of vibration.  For example, broad spectrum laboratory shake table testing demonstrated the chargers survive substantially higher energy vibration that than specified by competitors. S4 models also offer optional integrated supplementary surge protection that is monitored by the charger’s control panel.

Adapted for Multiple Applications

SENS designed both the electronics and mechanical elements of the MicroGenius 2, S2, and S4 product so they adapt to the specific needs of multiple applications. All versions employ the same highly reliable, cost-effective, and energy efficient core. Variants provide key features required in different applications:

Industrial Reserve Power
  • Ripple-free output on or off-battery; fast dynamic response.
  • Integrated battery check systems to monitor battery health
  • Integrated battery commissioning system
  • Standard Modbus comms, load-sharing, and parallel capability
  • Operates as both a highly responsive power supply and battery charger
  • Multiple alarm / control options: Remote panel, Modbus, Form C relays
  • Multiple independently regulated banks, including mixture of 12 & 24 volt outputs
  • Marine approvals: ABS, UL marine, Coast Guard ignition protected
Engine Genset Starting
  • Patented systems charge safer & faster, cut risk of sudden battery failure
  • All models UL listed for emergency & standby generator duty
  • Integrated low crank voltage alarm warns of impending battery failure
  • Standard Modbus for integration with building management systems

MicroGenius S2 and S4 chargers deliver up to 30 amps and 60 amps respectively at either 12 or 24 volts DC. Universal AC input from 95 to 265 volts, 47-63 Hz is standard. All models are CE-marked, UL Listed to multiple standards, IBC certified, and BC marked to indicate certification to State of California battery charger efficiency standards.

MicroGenius S2 and S4 are available for ordering now with shipment starting December 2017.