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Stainless Steel for the IQ – It’s Just Smart

Starting soon, EnerGenius IQ chargers and BBS-4800 best battery selectors will be built using stainless steel. The move to stainless steel improves the durability of these already super-reliable products and provides consistency with the MicroGenius 2 line of chargers and the BBS-800 and BBS–1600.  These units already utilize stainless steel. No dimensions or performance characteristics change.  Just Read More

Updating Firmware in MicroGenius 2 Chargers

With any microprocessor based product, updating firmware while the product is in service is useful to add features or improve the product’s operation.  Updating firmware in MicroGenius® 2, S2, and S4 battery chargers and in MicroCab DC systems is easy and can usually be done while the units are in service. All MicroGenius 2 based Read More

Reliability of Switchmode Power Conversion Versus Legacy Technologies

MicroGenius 2 offers even better field reliability than the already super-reliable NRG. Operating at high frequency, switchmode power converters outperform line frequency (50 or 60 Hz) power conversion topologies such as SCR and controlled ferroresonant in nearly every way. Switchmode technology delivers advantages in dynamic response, smoothness of DC output, size, weight, noise, energy efficiency, cost, Read More

Commissioning NiCd Batteries with MicroGenius 2, S2, S4

Application Note 26 – click here to download as .pdf Introduction This application note describes how to commission discharged (zero charge) Nickel-Cadmium batteries using the MicroGenius 2 or MicroGenius S2/S4 chargers. Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) batteries can be supplied already charged or in a discharged state. Verify your NiCd battery type to determine if commissioning is required. Read More

Industrial Switch Mode Power – Small, Light and Rugged

Switch mode power conversion technology offers many benefits not available with line-frequency converters such as those employing SCR technology: small size, light weight, high efficiency, modularity, and very clean DC power. But, most switch mode power supplies and chargers were not designed for the rigors inherent to industrial environments such as dirty air, electrical transients, Read More

Verifying / Changing the Voltage Range of MicroGenius 2 Chargers

This tech tip describes how to verify the factory-set voltage range of a MicroGenius 2 battery charger and change it if necessary.   All MicroGenius 2 chargers are electronically programmed at the factory for either 12v or 24V application based on the customer order. To verify the voltage for which a particular charger is set, remove Read More

All About Sizing Chargers for Engine-Starting Batteries

What is the correct output ampere rating of a battery charger used in engine-starting applications? Let start with an example. The prime mover for a medium size generator set, in this example 500 KW electrical output, would be powered by an engine of about 15 liter displacement. The starter motor of an engine this size Read More

SENS Achieves ISO 9001:2015 Certification

In 1996, SENS was one of the first in the power industry to embrace the ISO 9001 quality standard.  Our recent certification to the latest standard, ISO 9001:2015 is testament to the company’s constant and ongoing commitment to quality and continuous improvement.  SENS ISO 9001:2015 certificate is located here. Read More

SENS CEO Appointed to Critical Infrastructure Directorship

The Foundation for Resilient Societies, a non-profit organization engaged in scientific research and education with the goal of protecting critical infrastructure in technologically-advanced societies from infrequently occurring natural and man-made disasters, has appointed William Kaewert to its Board of Directors.  Kaewert is SENS CEO and Chief Technical Officer. This appointment recognizes Mr. Kaewert’s deep expertise in Read More

SENS Announces Major Extension to MicroGenius 2 Line

MicroGenius S2 and S4 deliver even more power in less space Las Vegas, Nevada – December 5, 2017.  At PowerGen 2017, SENS (Stored Energy Systems, LLC) of Longmont, CO unveiled a major expansion to its class-leading line of industrial switch-mode battery chargers. With versions engineered specifically for industrial reserve power, marine, and genset engine starting Read More