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FC, FCA, unfiltered battery chargers - SENS
SENS Battery Charger
SENS Stored Energy Systems

FC, FCA, unfiltered battery chargers - SENS

For more than 15 years, I've used SENS battery chargers. Even if you're not a technician, they are easy to install and use. I don't think they could make them any easier to use.

Other battery chargers I've used were difficult to troubleshoot, and the service people are not helpful.

SENS delivers reliable chargers quickly, and they have great service people.

Dan Crabtree
Generator Technician/Supervisor
City of Kansas City


Some companies keep replacing batteries when what they really need is a battery charger that won't boil batteries.

When it comes to reliable battery charging equipment, I recommend SENS' chargers.

Dirk Holloway
Generator Works


I've seen SENS chargers installed in water companies, oil fields and even a dairy farm. They are simple to install and work anywhere. Reliability and price are two reasons we only buy SENS.

H.D. Martin
Parts Leader
Stewart & Stevenson



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