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Intelligent battery chargers SENS



SENS engineered MicroGenius 2 chargers for use in multiple applications Engine Starting, Marine Power, and Standby / Power Supply operation. By employing a powerful, state-of-the-art digital signal processor, we are able to configure charging profiles and alarms to ideally fit each of these applications. MicroGenius 2 supports all standards battery types: Flooded lead-acid, maintenance free flooded-lead acid, AGM, VRLA and NiCd.


Engine Starting

The requirements for engine start battery chargers are unique and challenging. Industry regulations for both emergency generators and fire pumps require that batteries be recharged quickly to ensure they are available for duty as quickly as possible after prior use. Other regulations, such as those enforced by the California Energy Commission, demand highly energy-efficient operation. Before the MicroGenius 2, meeting these requirements required a highly aggressive charging profile that caused short starting battery life. When configured for engine starting, MicroGenius 2 chargers employ two technologies unique to SENS – Dynamic Boost and HELIX. Together, these technologies  automatically charge starting batteries as fast as earlier generation chargers, but without overcharging and consequent short battery life.

MicroGenius 2 chargers configured for engine starting include all the alarms normally used in engine start applications as well as a unique Low Crank Voltage alarm that alerts operators to a pending battery failure, so the battery can be replaced pro-actively. 



MicroGenius 2 chargers are ABS type approved and meet US Coast Guard requirements without the use of an accessory drip shield. Their ruggedconstruction, convection cooling, and conformally-coated electronics are ideally suited to harsh marine environments. When configured for marine use, chargers employ traditional charging algorithms appropriate for the variety of DC loads they support on workboats. 

Unlike some competitors’ marine chargers that rely on other elements of the electronics system to provide ground fault detection alarming, MicroGenius 2 chargers have a built-in ground fault alarm that is activated for marineconfigurations. Remote displays with or without control panel are available. 


Standby Power / Power Supply

MicroGenius 2 chargers are exceptional capable in standby power applications. They deliver fast responding, stable, and exceptionally well-filtered DC power, with or without an attached battery.  MicroGenius 2 chargers are designed to run in parallel for applications that require more power or redundancy (parallel or N+1) for high availability.