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How to Order MicroGenius 2 Chargers – See the Video

SENS configures MicroGenius 2 charging profiles and alarms based on the targeted application and the type of battery to be used.  When ordering, let us know the following and we’ll set up the charger so it’sready for deployment right out of the box:

  • Application: Genset Starting, Firepump Starting, Marine Power, or Standby / PowerSupply
  • System voltage: 12V or 24V
  • Battery Type: Flooded Lead-Acid, AGM, VRLA, or NiCd.

Normally the factory defaults based this information will provide the best performance. However you can request custom voltage settings and alarms if needed.   

Settings are easily changed in the field using jumpers or the optional keypad. 

Engine Starting

Genset chargers are normally configured to use both Dynamic Boost™ and HELIX charging technologies. Default alarm relay configurations meet NFPA-110 requirements and include a unique low-crank voltage alarm that provides advance warning of a weak starting battery.

Marine Power

Marine chargers utilize Dynamic Boost charging. Default alarm relays include a ground fault alarm as required for most marine applications.

Standby Power

Standby power chargers function as both a power supply and standby battery charger. Standby configurations utilize Dynamic Boost charging and include a battery on discharge alarm.