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Installation of both enclosed and open-frame models of the MicroGenius 2 is easy.  Mounting points are accessible on the outside of the charger.  Enclosed models can be mounted in wet locations, but avoid driving sources of water. Mount open-frame models inside a suitable enclosure. All models tolerate temperature extremes and vibration, but it’s optimal to mount chargers away from sources of heat and higher levels of vibration.

To access customer connections in the enclosed model, remove the lower cover using the retained locking screw.  Robust AC and DC terminal blocks and the grounding lug are easy to access.  Wiring the optional Form C alarm contacts is easy too.  Remove the pluggable terminal block, wire alarm connections, and snap the terminal block back into place.  A label on the inside of the bottom covers shows alarm mappings and other factory settings.

All models have universal AC input, so chargers automatically accept any voltage between 100VAC and 240VAC nominal at either 50 or 60Hz.

See the Quick Start Guide and User Manual for detailed information.



If the installation environment — battery type, DC voltage, application – are provided to SENS at the time of order, there should be no need to do any re-configuration at installation.  If necessary, changes from the factory configuration are easy to make using jumpers located inside the lower cover (enclosed units) or at the bottom of the unit (open-frame versions).  Changes can also be made from the front panel on enclosed units equipped an optional keypad.  See the video below and the user manual to learn more.

Configuring MicroGenius 2 – See the Video

Ease of Use 

By making the charger more intelligent, SENS has made the MicroGenius 2 chargers incredibly easy to use.  In most cases no reconfiguration at the installation site is necessary, and based on the setting for battery type, the charger automatically determines the best charging approach.  Messages from LED indicators and the optional LCD display are easy to see and understand. 


MicroGenius2 Setup Utility Kit Option

The MicroGenius 2 Setup Utility enables advanced users to make fine tune adjustments to charging voltages, alarm thresholds, charging algorithms, and even change alarm relay assignments.  The software runs on Windows PCs (Windows 7 and later) and is available on the SENS website.  A special USB adapter cable is necessary to communicate with the charger.  Order PN 209254.


Remote Temperature Sensor Option

All MicroGenius 2 models employ temperature compensation to optimally charge batteries in all ambient conditions.  In installations where the battery and charger are subject to different temperatures, such as occurs when battery blankets are employed, a remote temperature sensor should be employed.  Order PN 209481.



MicroGenius 2 chargers are warranty for a full three years from date of shipment. See the Limited Warranty Statement here.


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