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Intelligent battery chargers SENS


For SENS, sustainability means not only creating products that conserve our natural resources, but also delivering long-lived products that perform the tasks for which they were designed exceptionally well.


Longer Lasting

MicroGenius 2 chargers are engineered to last longer than competitive units.  For example, its electrolytic filter capacitors are rated for twice the life of a common competitor.   A large heat sink helps lower key component temperatures, further prolonging product life. Products that last longer keep material out of the waste stream.  Long-lived products also provide economic sustainability, enabling resources to be deployed for new capabilities instead of being used to replace existing functionality.


Highly Recyclable

The MicroGenius 2 also uses the industry’s most ecology responsible construction. Depending on configuration, up to 87% of the charger by weight is easily recycled aluminum, stainless steel and RoHS compliant circuit board components. When a charger is eventually retired from service, less material is introduced into the waste stream.


Energy Efficient

With 93% peak efficiency and the consumption of less than 3 watts in Eco-float mode, MicroGenius 2 battery chargers lead the industry in efficiency. The higher the efficiency, the less wasted energy. MicroGenius 2 chargers also employ near perfect power factor correction (PFC).  Power factor correction reduces power waste in the power generation and distribution grid; the higher the power factor, the less overall power is wasted.

Because of this outstanding efficiency, the MicroGenius 2 is one of the few industrial battery chargers that meet the California Energy Commission’s (CEC) battery charger efficiency requirements.  The CEC’s same requirements have been adopted by Oregon, with other states likely to follow.  By complying with these state requirements now, MicroGenius 2 chargers help ensure that projects are not held up at inspection time.  See the Customer Bulletin for more information on California’s energy efficiency regulations. 


Longer Battery Life

HELIXTM technology, unique to MicroGenius 2, significantly extends the useful life of flooded lead-acid batteries used for genset starting. Longer service life means reduced energy used for battery recycling and transportation to a recycling facility.