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Small, Rugged, Powerful, Innovative.

MicroGenius 2 battery chargers combine the most advanced technology ever applied in their product class with SENS’ widely acknowledged expertise in designing and building the industry’s highest quality, most reliable products.

More Power, Less Space

MicroGenius 2 chargers employ an advanced high frequency power converter controlled by a powerful digital signal processor (DSP). This converter delivers up to 50% more power in one-quarter the volume and at 1/8th the weight of previous generation products.   Its smaller, lightweight package makes transportation and handling easier, increases the choice of installation locations, and helps reduce costs. With power output of up to 15 amps at either 12 or 24 volts, the MicroGenius 450 enables customers to keep up with the ever increasing demand for more DC power on gensets and workboats.

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Other small and lightweight chargers are available, but no others offer the combination of advanced charging technology, ruggedness, and user features of the MicroGenius 2.

Reliable Everywhere

MicroGenius 2 chargers are built for tough genset and marine duty. The tough die-cast chassis provides reliable convection cooling in hot environments — no fans to fail or pump dirt into the charger. And since the MicroGenius 2 operates at higher efficiency than competitive units (93% peak efficiency, < 3 watts in Eco-Float mode), there’s less waste heat to dissipate.

Enclosed models feature a rainproof (IP22 / NEMA 3R) enclosure that doesn’t require a drip shield for protection from rain or dripping water. Conformal coating on circuit boards prevents damage in high humidly, salt fog, or other corrosive environments.

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In addition to temperature extremes and moisture, genset and marine environments pose other challenges. Vibration, electrical transients, and general exposure to abuse also make life tough for electronics. But the hardened power train and robust packaging of the MicroGenius 2 are designed and tested to withstand these challenges. SENS’ Lean production system ensures we build-in this quality to each and every unit.

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Smarter Charging

Weak or dead batteries are the #1 cause of genset failures. Proper charging of batteries is critical to maintaining the health of batteries, and the MicroGenius 2 does this job better than any other charger available. The reasons are two technologies invented by SENS: Dynamic Boost and HELIX.

Dynamic Boost charges batteries faster and more completely than other charging approaches with much lower risk of overcharging and damaged batteries. Every time Dynamic Boost engages, it automatically adjusts the charge profile based on current conditions — battery depth of discharge, DC loads, battery capacity, and other real world variables — to achieve optimal charging. In contrast most competitors use simple boost timers keep the charger output at an elevated voltage for a fixed period that is inevitably either too short or too long to achieve a correct charge.

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HELIX (High Efficiency LIfe eXtending) technology saves batteries and energy in genset engine starting applications. Today, lead-acid starting batteries used in gensets are replaced nearly twice as often as identical batteries used for vehicle starting, and too often fail catastrophically instead of gradually as they do in vehicles. The reason is that lead-acid starting batteries were optimized for the charging cycles experienced in vehicles. By emulating vehicle charging, HELIX extends the life of starting batteries and reduces the risk of catastrophic end of life battery failure. HELIX also reduces energy use by employing a special Eco-float mode when batteries are fully charged and in standby. A periodic HELIX refresh charge tops up batteries at the correct interval.

HELIX Technology – See the Video           Read the White Paper

MicroGenius 2 chargers contain important other “smart” technologies, such as the ability to recognize and automatically recharge a dead battery, soft-configuration of alarm relays to conform to special user requirements, and standard Modbus networking.

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