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Best Battery Selectors

SENS Best Battery Selectors (BBS) deliver current from two different batteries to the critical load, such as engine starter motors or electrical switchgear. In case one battery is weak or failed, current automatically flows to the load from one or both batteries.

SENS’ BBS delivers battery power from either battery to the load, and prevents parallel connection of two batteries so that the failure of one battery does not drain the other. SENS’ all solid-state design uses large diodes mounted on generously sized heat sinks. There are no moving parts or need for control electronics.

Two units are available, both suitable for a wide range of loads in applications ranging from 12 volts to 120 volts DC nominal. One is 2800A peak / 50A continuous. The other is rated 8400A peak / 150A continuous.

Unique Contribution

Two unique characteristics make SENS’ BBS the most trusted units for mission-critical applications where failure is not an option:

  • SENS performed extensive laboratory validation testing and characterization of BBS designs.
  • All completed BBS assemblies are tested by SENS under loads of thousands of amps. Voltage drop of each system is measured, and units with excessive voltage drop are rejected as unsuited for customer shipment.

Although any BBS will work when both batteries are good, the extra validation that SENS performs is essential to guaranteeing that the BBS will perform as promised when a battery has failed.

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