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Genset Engine Start Chargers

SENS engine start chargers are the best choice for genset operators who want to minimize the risk and high cost of genset failure during a grid outage. Engineers and end users that understand reliable power generation specify SENS.

Gensets absolutely, positively must start when needed. Otherwise, vital critical loads are dropped, customer goodwill is lost, and capital investment in the genset is wasted.

SENS is North America’s leading supplier of mission-critical genset chargers. When paired with high performance batteries, SENS chargers best insure that gensets will start when needed.

Unique Contribution

Industry-leading dependability: Offering engine-start charger platforms with field-observed MTBF ranging from 500,000 hours to well over a million hours, SENS delivers the most dependable engine-start chargers available. SENS’ dedicated employees, award-winning designs and the most advanced Lean Production System in the industry maintain this high performance year after year.

Highest precision charging: Many battery suppliers agree that charging accuracy is the most important factor in the battery achieving its rated performance and life. SENS voltage regulation, temperature compensation and user adjustment systems are the most precise in the industry.

Unmatched agency approvals: SENS chargers of course include C-UL listed and CE marked safety agency approvals. EMC approvals include compliance with both FCC regulations and the CE EMC Directive. SENS is the only charger supplier delivering complete families of chargers certified to IBC 2000-2009 and Cal-OSHPD.

Proven abuse resistance: Extreme temperatures, electrical transients, high humidity, dirt, vibration and user abuse are the enemies of electrical products. SENS takes every practical countermeasure during design and manufacturing to defend against real-world abuse. No product is perfect, but SENS products come darn close.

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