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New Low Power Genset & Marine Charger from SENS

Rugged MicroGenius LE delivers high performance at low cost

Longmont, CO – November 18, 2019.  Adding to its industry-leading line of industrial battery chargers, Stored Energy Systems, LLC (SENS) today announced a new line of high performance, lower power genset and marine chargers: MicroGenius® LE.  The new chargers are compact, lightweight, and water & dustproof.  Available in three output configurations – 12 volts / 6 amps, 12 volts / 10 amps, and 24 volts / 5 amps – the new chargers all feature SENS patented high performance charging technology previously available only in higher-end SENS chargers.

Smaller, Lighter, Mount Anywhere

MicroGenius LE weighs just two pounds and can be mounted nearly anywhere.   Its high-efficiency design coupled with a finned heatsink enable the charger to deliver full output at higher ambient temperatures than potted units offered by competitors.   The LE’s cover is made of high strength impact-resistant thermoplastic that’s permanently bonded to the heatsink making the unit extremely rugged, dustproof, and waterproof.  Installation is easy.  Units come with installed 6-foot AC (NEMA 5-15P plug) and DC cables (3/8” ring lugs).

MicroGenius LE image

Low-Power, High-Performance

The MicroGenius LE is purpose-built for genset and marine battery charging.  Its charging technology features advanced SENS innovations previously available only in higher-end SENS chargers:  HELIXTM and Dynamic BoostTM safely charge batteries faster, prolong starting battery life, and help prevent catastrophic battery failure caused by traditional float charging.  Chargers are also fully automatic and self-adjust to correctly charge both flooded and AGM lead-acid batteries.

Regulatory Compliance

MicroGenius LE meets all relevant North American regulatory requirements including NFPA 70 and C-UL listing for the U.S. and Canada.  All models meet tough California and Oregon requirements for battery charger efficiency and carry the BC mark.  UL-Marine listing is pending and expected by the end of 2019.

Models and Availability

Three models are available, all with standard 120-volt AC input:

DC volts DC amps Part Number
12 6 LE-1206-A0-SS
12 10 LE-1210-A0-SS
24 5 LE-2405-A0-SS

Download the datasheet HERE.

The 12V/6A and 24V/5A versions of the MicroGenius LE are orderable immediately. The 12V/10A version is available in early 2020. Contact your local SENS representative or the factory for pricing and availability.