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Introducing the next generation EnerGenius IQ

Since its introduction in 2006, the SENS EnerGenius IQ has been an exceptionally popular product in all its target markets: engine starting, marine, and industrial controls &  switchgear.  SENS is now introducing the IQ2, featuring advanced full digital control, diagnostics, and communications but with the same field-proven SCR powertrain.


IQ Gen 2

IQ2, the next generation IQ battery charger


IQ2 is an SCR-type industrial/utility charger that powers DC equipment, charges your battery, automatically tests battery performance, and communicates DC system status. As an update of SENS’ EnerGenius IQ charger, the IQ2 is fit, form and function compatible with the original EnerGenius IQ.  IQ2 incorporates the advanced DSP-based control and firmware proven in thousands of SENS’ MicroGenius and EnerGenius DC platforms.  The new control electronics provide expanded functionality including programmable alarms, additional remote communications options, and optional PIP specification compliance.

First generation EnerGenius IQ chargers can be easily upgraded to full IQ2 function by swapping circuit boards and the front door mimic panel/LED overlay.

Demonstrating SENS’ commitment to quality and to surviving harsh industrial and utility environments, IQ2 is equipped withSENS’ unique corrosion-proof all stainless-steel housing and backed by industry-best five-year warranty.

IQ2 utilizes the same part numbering systems as the first generation IQ.  SENS will cutover to the new IQ 2 at the end of May 2021.

See the IQ2 datasheet here.