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SENS and Phoenix Broadband Technologies Announce Partnership

Agreement will bring advanced battery monitoring to the industrial DC power systems market

Stored Energy Systems (SENS) and Phoenix Broadband Technologies (PBT) announced that they have entered into a non-exclusive partnering agreement to pair PBT’s industry leading battery monitoring systems with SENS’ advanced industrial battery chargers and DC power systems.

PBT has distinguished itself from its competitors by providing highly scalable, fully-featured monitoring systems with open interfaces and networking that integrate into virtually any network monitoring system. The result is that PBT’s monitoring systems are in use with some of the world’s largest and best-known data system operators and have become the de-facto standard for cable TV networks. PBT is an emerging power in other Telecom environments such as equipment huts & closet installations and in the electric utility sector where most users now recognize that automated monitoring systems provide real-time results and are more cost effective than manual measurement methods.

SENS has offered integrated battery check systems for more than a decade in its industrial chargers, but PBT’s monitoring systems will provide much more timely, accurate, and even predictive information on battery health. Bill Kaewert, SENS CEO said, “More and more of our industrial and utility customers are recognizing the value of advanced battery monitoring for applications such as switchgear backup power. Partnering with PBT will enable us to be on the forefront of satisfying this need cost effectively.”

The partnership will expand PBT’s market presence to industrial markets and enable SENS to provide a more complete system offering. The companies will immediately start jointly selling and supporting PBT’s monitors with SENS equipment and expect that over time their collaboration will yield a roadmap of increasingly integrated functionality.

SENS is currently celebrating its 50th year of operations while PBT has been in business nearly 20 years. The companies now share common investors who realize that the strong innovative cultures of both companies make them ideal partners.