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Small, Rugged, Powerful.

MicroGenius 2 battery charger from SENS


What is MicroGenius 2

The all-new MicroGenius 2 combines the legendary reliability of SENS’ NRG with advanced charging features and all new battery life-extending technology. The small, rugged package is ideal for power generation, marine and reserve power applications.

MicroGenius 2 SENS

More Power Less Space

Compared with the most efficient legacy charger designs, MicroGenius 2 delivers up to 6 times more power per cubic inch, and up to 12 times more power per unit of weight. Smaller size and lighter weight significantly increase the choice of installation location and reduce costs.

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Reliable Everywhere

Purpose built for tough genset and marine duty

  • Tough die-cast chassis provides reliable convection cooling in hot environments. No fans to fail or pump dirt into the charger.
  • Rainproof enclosure provides NEMA3R protection. No drip shield needed.
  • Hardened switch-mode power train withstands transients and abuse.

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Smarter Charging

We've made batteries smarter

Modern batteries used for hybrid and electric cars are smart; they tell the charger exactly how to charge them. Engine starting batteries, based on century-old technology, can't do this, so it's up to the charger to provide the smarts. And that's exactly what the MicroGenius 2 does. It's so smart that it gives starting batteries exactly the charging they need, making an old tech battery seem as smart as a new one.

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Easy Everything

1 Easy Ordering

SENS’ advanced production system configures each charger model to the exact charging profile and settings you specify. All models are 12 or 24-volt field selectable.

2 Easy to Install

Universal AC input, pluggable alarm connections, and sturdy power connectors make installation a snap.

3 Easy to Reconfigure

Field changes are easy. Easily accessible jumpers or the optional keypad enable changes to DC voltage, battery type, and float and boost settings.

4 Easy to Use

Automatically uses the best charging profile for selected battery type. LED’s and optional display provide an easy to understand status.