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Battery Informer Low Crank Voltage Monitor


The most effective warning of a weakening battery in an engine starting application is a modern low cranking voltage alarm.  The SENS MicroGenius 2 family of battery chargers contain an embedded low cranking voltage alarm.  For all systems employing other battery chargers,  Battery Informer® is the ideal solution.

  • Provides advance warning of impending battery failure
  • Alarms when low cranking voltage threshold met
  • Local LED and remote alarm contact annunciation
  • Works with any lead-acid starting battery and charger
  • Provides local battery health indication
  • Use one Battery Informer for each 12V block

Why employ a low cranking voltage alarm?

“Weak or undercharged starting batteries are the most common cause of standby generator system failures.”1 Because all lead-acid starting batteries fail over time, advance warning of a weakening battery can substantially reduce the risk of genset starting failures.

An effective low cranking voltage alarm examines the entire cranking cycle, and issues an alarm if battery voltage drops below critical threshold values. Because batteries are frequently able to start gensets when in a weakened, but not completely failed condition, the low cranking voltage alarm enables advance warning of a weakening battery. Prompt response to a low crank voltage alarm alarm thus enables pro-active replacement of the weakening batteries – before the next start attempt when the weakened battery might fail to start the genset at all.

1Iverson, James R., Digital Control Technology Enhances Power System Reliability and Performance, Cummins Power Generation publication PT-7002, Minneapolis MN: Cummins Power Generation